Teva Sildenafil Uses, Side Effects, Mechanism of Action

The Sildenafil Teva is an effective treatment for ED, among the most prominent variants of Viagra on the planet.


  • What Is Teva Sildenafil?
  • Mechanism of Activity
  • Forms as well as Dosages of Teva Sildenafil
  • That Should Take This Medication?
  • Negative Effects and also Warnings
  • Communications
  • What Else I Can Attempt to Treat ED?

The medication enhances blood circulation in genital organs, which provides a secure erection. Produced in a dosage from 25 to 150 mg. Side effects of Sildenafil Teva are uncommon and do not position a hazard to life.

What Is Teva Sildenafil?

So, what is the Sildenafil Teva? This is a medication in the form of a blue tablet and also which belongs to a team of medications which is called the phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. It is utilized for the treatment of individuals with severe impotence (ED). The ED is when the individual can not maintain the strong erection temporarily, ideal for a sex life. The job of Sildenafil Teva helping blood to circulate in the penis when the man feels sex-related excitement. Don’t utilize the Teva tablet in the lack of erectile dysfunction.

This is among the most prominent versions of Viagra or Sildenafil citrate, and also it is made by the Indian company Teva. The Teva is a big pharmaceutical business and also the leader in the manufacturing of generic medicines. Compared vs Viagra this pharm is less costly, nevertheless basically not inferior to that in efficiency.

System of Activity

The medication boosts the quantity of blood concerning a penis. It assists a male to have an all-natural erection. Sildenafil acts only when the man has natural sex-related excitement and also when intercourse is full, a penis returns to the kicked back state. In other words, the active component influences just on the natural erection devices.

The physical process consists of the release of nitrogen oxide in the spacious body drunk of sexual excitement. Nitrogen oxide triggers the guanylate cyclase enzyme and raises the upkeep of cyclic guanosine monophosphate which weakens cells of smooth muscle in the spacious body helping to load it with blood.

Types and Dosages of Teva Sildenafil

Sildenafil Teva is available in the form of tablet computers with 25 mg, 50 mg as well as 100 mg dose of sildenafil citrate. Generics may contain the elevated doses up to 150 mg.

The suggested dose of medicine is 50 mg daily, yet you can also take it in doses of 25 mg and also 100 mg. Medicine ought to be taken, at least, for half a hr before intercourse. In that method, it will work at complete strength.

That Should Take This Medicine?

This medications need to be suggested by the medical professional. It needs to be made use of only by male patients. Women and youngsters should not take this medicine.

Various clinical examinations and also testimonials revealed that sildenafil works at the erectile dysfunction which is based on a vascular component– in various other instances, its effectiveness is rather reduced.

Negative Effects as well as Cautions

As well as all medicines, Teva pills can trigger some adverse effects, though usually, they have an extremely small period.

If you have thorax discomfort in time or after sexual relations:

  • don’t make use of nitrates for therapy of thorax pain;
  • get into a semi-sitting setting on a flooring and try to loosen up;
  • call a physician quickly.

The Sildenafil Teva can cause some allergies. You should call a doctor promptly if after taking of medication you feel any one of such signs:

  • abrupt wheezing;
  • lack of breath or lightheadedness;
  • swelling of the eyelids, lips, face or throat.

It was reported around long and occasionally uncomfortable erections after taking of this pharmacy. If youк penis is in the erect state for more than four hrs, you have to call a doctor immediately.


As well as any kind of medication, this treatment can connect with other substances. One of the most extensive (and also unsafe to wellness) options of interactions are provided below.

With Alcohol

The alcohol can temporarily aggravate the ability of an erection obtaining. In order to have the optimal result of medication, it is recommended not to consume alcohol a lot of alcohol before taking this ED treatment.

There are no data that sildenafil mix with alcohol weakens the impact of the medication. Treatment does not respond with ethanol, therefore, his action doesn’t alter at all. At an equivalent time, alcohol in itself intensifies a sex-related vitality. As the men taking the drug have serious issues with an erection, alcohol is capable to intensify a situation. Yet one bottle of beer or glass of wine will certainly not be an issue anyway.

What Medicines Could Connect with This Medicine?

The Sildenafil Teva tablets can connect with some medications, particularly with those which are used for the therapy of upper body pain. In case of emergency clinical aid, it is necessary to inform to physician, regarding all taken medications. Don’t take Teva pills with various other drugs, without doctor’s recommendation.

Do not utilize Sildenafil Teva, together with the medicines containing nitrates, as the mix of these products can create potentially hazardous lowering of arterial pressure. It is essential to report to the medical professional or druggist, concerning that you take any one of the medicines which are made use of for the treatment of heart angina.

With Foods

It is possible to take the Sildenafil Teva with food, or without it. Nonetheless, the heavy, fatty food consumed together with medication can slow down its action. This is due to the slower absorption of the active components. If usually, the effect takes place in 40 minutes after sildenafil taking, then after a heavy supper him it is necessary to wait for around 1.5 hours.

What Else I Can Try to Treat ED?

The Sildenafil Teva is an effective medication, but it has analogs which are not inferior to it in the “price-quality” proportion. Among them is such pharm as Viagra, Cialis, as well as Kamagra, which you can purchase on our ViaBestBuy website. If pay in bitcoins, after that you will certainly obtain a 35% price cut. In 7 days our business will deliver your order to any kind of place in the U.S.A.. In cases when the rate of the order is larger than 150$, the shipment will be completely complimentary.

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