Pharmacy Review is an online pharmacy that has respectable prices and a decent selection of medication to choose from. With a number of special discount and promo options to take advantage of on their selection of legit drugs, goods, and services, as well as helpful and informative articles right on the homepage, this website succeeds in providing the basic tools any online pharm shopper will need to get started on their prescription. Pharmacy Review

However while might not have the widest selection possible, they make up for it by including a number of rare medications, offered legally at low prices. Cancer pills, birth control therapy medications, women’s health options, and more are all available at this online store. For this reason, is a great website to keep in your back pocket, in case some of your other favorite websites don’t have what you’re looking for, come at too great a cost and Viagra price comparison.

A Personal Touch

One appealing aspect of is the personal touch they add to their site. A message from their CEO is right on the main page to welcome new visitors, and there are a number of helpful articles located on a side tab made to help inform info-hungry buyers. Customer reviews sit at the bottom of the page, which will show previous customers’ satisfaction, free Viagra samples, and offer an additional incentive to spend your own money.

Staying in Touch

It seems that more and more online pharmacies shooting for the top rating are including 24/7 live chat options, which allow shoppers to get in touch with a customer service representative on demand. In some ways, this is better than any Cialis coupon, free samples, or promo code, as it allows you to get a full understanding of your purchase before making the commitment. offers this feature as well and their customer service team has proven to be nothing but helpful.

Browsing Erectile Dysfunction Options

What online pharmacy would be complete without a hearty selection of ED medications to choose from With market demand at an all-time high, it is no wonder that has been sure to stock up on some of the most highly demanded medications out there. If you are in the market for Erectile Dysfunction relief, take a moment to review the options here:

Today’s Special

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Other Options to Consider

While’s selection of ED meds is certainly breathtaking, the available options on start there. The pharm site’s full selection is definitely its strongest attribute, including many hard to find medications that don’t make it on many other websites’ list of stock. Take a list at some of the more interesting options below or browse the site for yourself to find some hidden gems.

  1. Women’s Health: Generic Dostinex, Ladygra, Lovegra, Primolut N.
  2. Cancer Pills: Casodex, Methotrexate.
  3. Birth Control Therapy: Ovral G, Pregtest Card, NuvaRing, Yasmin, Plan B.

Shipping Information at Your Fingertips is a global pharmacy that ships its products to every country in the world. Depending on your location and order size, shipping times may vary although periods of between 9 to 15 days are most common. When looking for order updates, the website encourages buyers to check their spam folder, for any accidentally mislabeled mail.

Our Rating receives an overall score of 2.5 out of 5. On the positive side, the website includes a wide range of rare and useful drugs which online shoppers may find useful. Their low prices and different promotional deals add a bit of extra value and may be enough to beat the prices offered on more well-known competitor’s sites. And finally, the plethora of articles, customer reviews, and other insider info goes a long way toward establishing the company’s identity.

However, the website suffers a cluttered site design, numerous spelling and grammar issues, as well as a selection that leaves many popular options out. However, if you are not bothered by some of the aesthetic downfalls of the website, and are simply looking for the best deals on Viagra and on rare medications, then may be exactly what you are looking for. Before making your decision, browse their selection and see for yourself what they have to offer.

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