Pharmacy Review

Unlike more ‘traditional’ online pharmacies, is an online pharmacy referral site, offering customers the opportunity to purchase medication from a variety of international affiliates. This third-party site has access to a large number of partner pharmacies and allows customers to purchase medication from those partners through the website. The site completely handles orders, shipping, and refills, but it does not distribute the medication. In business since 2002, is affiliated with Canadian pharmacies, which have cheaper Viagra prices for the same medications available in the United States due to government cost regulations. Pharmacy Review

Major Selling Points

If you’re looking to compare prices on Canadian prescription drugs, is definitely the site you’re looking for. Some medications have dozens of prices listed for both name brand and generic, giving you a complete picture of your options. Costs are down 20 to 80 percent on most medications, according to Having access to so many different online pharmacies in one place, and only having to order from one website, is a major plus.

Although doesn’t have doctor consultations available, they have pharmacists who check your prescription multiple times throughout the ordering and distribution process. This provides a level of security for customers who might be worried about receiving a wrong, or wrong for them, medication. And unlike some pharmacies, doesn’t charge an additional prescription fee, or any other fees besides shipping.

Prices and Discounts doesn’t offer a discount, promo or Viagra coupon codes but they do have a ‘sale’ section of their website, where prescription medications are being sold at a discount. Additional savings at this site are in part due to the shipment of original manufacturer-sealed packages, meaning if you order 110 or 90 tablets in order, you may receive a 100 tablet package. They are upfront about rounding up or down quantities and, overall, this contributes to the savings available at Additionally, the ability to compare the Viagra prices of numerous pharmacies or distributors means you’re able to get the lowest price available.

Pharmacy Location and Distribution

Since is an online network of pharmacies, there isn’t a registered brick-and-mortar pharmacy connected to it. Offices for the company are located in Florida, USA. Medications are distributed from a number of affiliate pharmacies and manufacturers located in Canada and internationally. This includes pharmaceutical manufacturers and regulated fulfillment and distribution centers.

Shipping in the United States is a flat fee of $12.99 per order, even if the order contains multiple prescription drugs. Once an order is made, it takes up to two weeks to process your prescription and an additional 7 to 10 business days for shipping. This makes the total time from order to deliver up to 21 days. If your order contains more than a 90-day supply, due to United States customs regulations, it may be split into two packages that may arrive at different times.

Variety of Goods and Services is comprised of a large network of online international pharmacies, meaning their selection is huge. However, finding the medication you want is a bit difficult because you’re unable to browse by treatment. See below for details.

Erectile Dysfunction Products Offered

These are the erectile dysfunction medications we were able to find at All commonly prescribed ED medications are available at a lot of different price points. offers both generic and brand name drugs, including:

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Other Products and Services Provided

Since is an online marketplace for a large number of pharmacies, the number of name brand and generic prescription medications is huge. See below for a partial list of medications being sold by this pharmacy referral site.

  • Strattera;
  • Sucralate;
  • Levothyroxine;
  • Floxin;
  • Zyprexa;
  • Tribenzor;
  • Prilosec;
  • Tropan XL;
  • Oxytrol Patch;
  • Betaderm Cream;
  • Duvoid;
  • Boniva;
  • Entocort;
  • Rhinocort AQ.

Our Rating

If you know exactly what you’re looking for and you just want to buy international medications legally, is a great service to use. For that, they get a 3 out of 5-star rating. They’re a legit website for finding medication from an international pharmacy and you have the added bonus of being able to compare prices for a lot of different goods. The site loses stars for having a difficult to navigate the website, including a lack of treatment categories or drug information for the products on their site.

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