eDrugstore.com Pharmacy Review

eDrugstore.com has been a fan favorite for years, offering a number of legit perks that serve to blow many other online pharm sites right out of the water. And while some shoppers may balk at the higher cost of some of their legally provided drugs, goods, and services, the fact is that their supplies are some of the best Viagra prices on the market, when it comes to prescription drugs. In any case, this website is worth checking out for any and all online med buyers.

eDrugstore.com Pharmacy Review

A Massive Selection

Some online pharmacy leaders fill their homepage with Viagra coupon, review, discount, and store promo code options however what makes eDrugstore.com is that they avoid many of these extras in favor of presenting their full selection right off the bat. It is another example of quantity over quality in some buyer’s eyes, although top ratings from the BBB and a long history of satisfied customers may say otherwise.

The Go to Source for Online Med Info

One way eDrugstore.com does invest in their customers is by offering all of the latest news and other information in the online pharmacy world. You can take a quick test to find out which ED med is best for you as well as plenty of tips and tricks that will let you get the most out of your medication. Even if you are often the checkout and go type of shopper, it may be worth a second look to stay updated.

Browsing the Best Selection of ED Meds Available

eDrugstore.com sticks mainly with prescription meds and so you won’t be able to find many of the popular generic brands available in other stores. But for those in the market for legit brand name ED meds, this is the place to go. All of the major options are available at market standard prices, and you can even check at a glance to see if your favorites are currently in stock (which they almost always are). Here is their full list of ED offerings:

Today’s Special

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Other Medications to Select

Aside from ED remedies, eDrugstore.com has an impressive selection of other sex-enhancing drugs for buyers to browse. But really, when it comes to prescription drugs, there is very little that this web pharm doesn’t carry including weight loss formulas, allergy meds, heartburn relief and more. Take a look below for a small sampling, or just skim through the site’s homepage for everything they have to offer.

  1. Allergy Medication: Nasonex, Patanol.
  2. Sexual Lubricants: Stimula for Men, Stimula for Women.
  3. Heartburn Relief: Nexium, Nexium AD.

Pharmacy Location and Shipping Info

eDrugstore.com is one of the few online pharmacies operating out of the United States, at 5801 S. McClintock Drive Suite 107, Tempe AZ 85283. Seeing as their specialty is in prescription drugs, the location makes sense and actually saves on shipping times and costs for US buyers. They accept all major credit cards and can ship to your door in as little as one week after purchase.

Our Rating

While you shouldn’t expect any of the free samples of Viagra that generic med suppliers are so fond of dishing out, the truth is that eDrugstore.com does a great job in their leading position within the prescription med industry. They earn an overall rating of 4 out of 5 for this. A great selection, competitive prices, attractive web layout, and super customer service all add up to a positive buying experience that will keep many coming back for more.

While for some an intuitive and attractive layout may be just an afterthought, eDrugstore.com is truly a sight to behold. All of the relevant information is close at hand while also putting a range of different factoids and news items within arm’s reach. There are even a few surprises to explore, which can earn you some much-appreciated discounts, or at least some new tips to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for the lowest possible prices on the web however, eDrugstore.com is not for you. Brand name medications fetch a much higher price tag of up to $40 per dose for ED medications. If this price sounds too high for you then it may be better to just move on. However, the array of discounts, cheap Viagrashipping savings, and great customer care will be more than enough to attract lots of new buyers over the years.

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