DukeMeds.com Pharmacy Review

DukeMeds.com is all about providing a back to basics online pharmacy experience. Low prices on all their goods and services are the main attraction while things like web design and selection size are put on the back burner. Still, 62 cent Viagra pills are nothing to scoff at, and for those whose only goal is to find the best possible market prices on their favorite drugs, this website may be just the thing for you.

DukeMeds.com Pharmacy Review

Viagra coupon options, discount and promo codes, as well as free samples of Viagra tabs, are nowhere to be found on this site, although it hardly matters when the prices are so low. It seems that DukeMeds.com has invested all of their resources into low-cost medications that succeed in outstripping web pharm competitors in terms of savings. In some ways, it could be fair to characterize DukeMeds.com is the bargain bin of online pharm stores.

Safe and Legal

The low Viagra price at DukeMeds.com should not give new buyers cold feet, as their entire selection is legally obtainable and completely legit. Airtight security policy and a commitment to safe, quality products mean that you can shop at this store without fear. For more information on the products offered on the website, or on safety policies, shoppers can get in touch via their contact page.

A Few Surprising Finds

One thing that some buyers may not have expected from DukeMeds.com is a selection that includes a number of rare and hard to find medications. Suhagra and Zegra are two examples that don’t make the product list of many bigger name websites with larger selections and for this DukeMeds.com definitely deserves some recognition. If you have not tried either of these less common medications, shopping at this online web pharm may be the perfect way to give it a try today.

ED Meds Are Available!

Hosted under the website’s menu as “Men Drugs” DukeMeds.com has a great selection of Erectile Dysfunction medications for global shoppers to choose from. They take advantage of their international status by bringing low-cost generic medications as well as other hard to find options to buyers in every country around the world. Review each and every one of their available options right here:

Today’s Special

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Browsing Other Medications

When it comes to DukeMeds.com’s non-ED meds, the selection is meager, consisting of only a few options within their eye care drops section. While no shoppers will be filling all of their pharmacy needs at this website it is still worth keeping a mental list of their eye drop formulations, as the low prices are sure to beat other online competitors. Here is their full selection:

  • Bimatoprost;
  • Brimonidine;
  • Tartrate;
  • Cyclosporine.

Pharmacy Location and Shipping Info

DukeMeds.com is an international pharmacy that leverages its offshore location for its customers, offering extremely low prices and relatively quick shipping times. Orders can be expected to ship in a matter of weeks and will run buyers a total of $18 per shipment. Promising discreet and safe packaging, they are sure to make privacy a priority while also protecting your order from the elements. It is also worth noting that orders over $100 will receive free shipping worldwide.

Our Rating

It is hard to ignore DukeMeds.com’s unbeatable prices. Most of their stock can be purchased for less than $1 per pill which puts the full selection into the pocket of any buyer, without breaking the bank. However the online pharmacy’s rating drops significantly when considering its meager selection, and lack of information on a few of their products. The final result is a 2.5 out of 5, which reflects both of these factors.

For other questions about the current stock offered at DukeMeds.com, or to inquire about future offerings, getting in touch via their contact page or dedicated phone line is the way to go. The staff has proven to be knowledgeable and eager to help out new customers with any of their concerns.

Though it should be reiterated that DukeMeds.com is completely legit, safe, as well as a friendly experience. Customer service is readily on hand through their contact page and is fully equipped to handle all major questions and concerns that come their way. If you are someone who finds themselves regularly looking for a free trial pack and common ED meds at the cheapest Viagra prices available, then stop by this little web pharm first, before hitting up the more well-known options.

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