Pharmacy Review

When it comes to choosing the best Canada-based online pharmacy, the clear winner is In addition to offering quality legit drugs through their online store, their news/media page along with customer reviews creates an impression that they actually care about their customers. Ideal for first-time buyers and veteran online pharm shoppers alike, this is one site that lives up to the hype. Pharmacy Review

Staying in Touch

Wrapping your head around all of the different ways to stay in touch with this website’s latest offerings is definitely a challenge. With a regular newsletter, Top Ten Reasons list, news updates, and dedicated customer service team, has plenty of ways to put the best Viagra coupon, review, discount, code, and promo options at your fingertips. The idea seems to be bringing the neighborhood pharmacy to feel into the online marketplace, which is a welcome change of pace.

Safe and Legal

All of the medical goods and services available through are legally obtainable via the online market. While remarkably low Viagra prices may cause some raised eyebrows for US buyers, the fact is that the website earns the highest ratings for safety and legality. All of their services are fully licensed and completely confidential, even at such a reduced Viagra cost. It is a major perk for anyone who has had second thoughts about ordering medication online.

List of Erectile Dysfunction Products Offered

As one of the most sought-after types of medications in the world, ED meds have changed the lives of millions of men in the past two decades. offers an impressive selection of different ED medications for buyers to choose from. See the complete list here:

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Other Medications Offered

While has a great selection of ED medications, they build their reputation on a selection of drugs created for a range of medical issues. A visit to their website will reveal the full selection, but you can also view some of the most popular options here:

  1. Prescription Drugs: Ramipril, Vagifem, Hydrea, Hip Rex.
  2. Over the Counter Drugs: Advil, Tylenol, Nicoderm, Abenol.
  3. Pet Meds: Rimadyl, Cosequin, Advantage, Program.

Pharmacy Location, Shipping Information, Policy & Countries is like many popular Canadian pharmacies in that it is located in North America, but manufactures and ships straight from India. This allows for low prices and quick shipping times worldwide. The good news for medication shoppers around the world is that their products are available to anyone with an internet connection. If you have a credit card and access to their website, then you qualify.

Our Rating

Perhaps some free Viagra samples could be one way to improve’s rating a bit, though, on the whole, it is difficult to find much negative to say about this online pharmacy. Low prices, a large selection, many different ways to connect make it a positive experience. The overall rating is 4.5 out of 5, which places it as the leader of Canadian online pharmacies. For those who are planning on making an initial purchase with, expect only complete satisfaction.

While it might take a few minutes to master their navigation system and a full selection of affordable drugs, new buyers will soon find what they are looking for. The added benefit of including generic pet medications means a one-stop shop for those shopping for the whole family. And even if you aren’t looking for rare or expensive medications, the savings offered on common items like Advil and Tylenol will soon have you looking to for your everyday medication needs.

If you like what you see, a good first step is to sign up for their regular newsletter, which will offer plenty of different discounts and other benefits to return customers. It will also offer a great way to stay in touch with the latest happenings in the world. The time to get in touch with this forward-thinking company is now, as they show no signs of slowing down.

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