Pharmacy Review is a no-nonsense online pharmacy that offers a range of ED drugs as well as other goods and services at affordable prices. While they lack many of the frills that other options on the market offer, buyers can expect legit products delivered without delay. In many cases, their simple online store layout is a benefit to shoppers, since it makes it that much easier to browse their sizable selection. Pharmacy Review

The benefits of the simple layout found on can be a plus or a minus for different buyers. However, the sheer selection size is an asset for just about anybody. The website is up there with all the industry leaders as far as available options are concerned, especially when it comes to ED medications. If you can’t find a medication on another site, you will have better luck here.



If has any single thing going for it, it is how easy they make it for new shoppers to locate all of their favorite meds quickly and easily. The front page of the site offers a list of popular product categories which can be skimmed at a glance. Additionally, a list of bestsellers is available for perusing, which may be a way to find rare deals.

Getting the Best Deal? has an excellent selection of medications including Viagra at a cost that most buyers will have no problem affording. However, this pharm website is not without flaws to consider as well. Much may argue that the coupon, discount, promo code, options are must-have for online pharmacies today, and seems to be sorely lacking in this department. Free Cialis samples are nowhere to be found either, which may be a deal-breaker for some.

List of Erectile Dysfunction Products Offered

Those suffering from erectile dysfunction will be able to rejoice at the massive list of options available through Just about every popular option available on the market today makes their list, which is this pharmacy’s greatest selling point.

Today’s Special

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Short List of Other Medications Offered

As if the dozens of ED solutions legally obtainable through weren’t enough, the website brings a whole host of other options to consider. Whether you are suffering from hair loss or a runny nose, this website has options for you to consider. Take a look at some of the most popular categories they have covered:

  1. Arthritis: Allopurinol, Arava.
  2. Pain Relief: Lioresal, Deltasone, Aleve, Tegretol.
  3. Blood Pressure: Cozaar, Diovan, Lopid, Lasix, Tricor.
  4. Weight loss: Lysexl, Xenical.

Pharmacy Location, Shipping Information, Policy & Countries

Being located in the heart of Canada doesn’t prevent from shipping their product to anyone and everyone who can place an order. The major variable for international buyers is shipping time, which can extend up to two or three weeks, depending on your location in relation to their Indian-based manufacturer. If time is a concern, then ordering in advance is recommended when possible.

Our Rating earns a rating of 2.5 out of 5. In review, we find an excellent selection of medications available to buyers around the world. However, the website’s lack of promo and Viagra discount options put a major dent in their score. Their lack of free trial pack doesn’t help either, leaving new buyers with the choices of buying on good faith, or simply choosing one of their many competitors.

However, the lower than average ranking should stop those who trust in their product and enjoy the simple layout of their website. And while many pharmacies offer all of the bigger brands that can be found on, there are some rarer options available here as well. Perhaps the best option for bargain-hungry buyers is to save this website as a back pocket option, for those times when other pharmacies don’t meet the grade.

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