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Generic Stendra for Sale


Generic Stendra for SaleErectile dysfunction drugs have been helping men to recover a healthy sex-life since the release of Viagra in 1998. The drug was welcomed as a revolutionary approach to treating an unaddressed problem, and soon became a best-seller for Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that developed it. However, Viagra is by no means the only option for men seeking freedom from ED these days, and Stendra is the newest advance in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.


As with many innovations based on original ideas, Stendra 100mg offers a few refinements over the older ED drugs. What could these be, and why should you consider Stendra when evaluating ED drugs? In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview.


What Are Stendra Pills?


Stendra pills contain an ingredient known as Avanafil. That’s what makes them work. The rest of the pill consists of inert carriers that have been formulated to deliver the ingredient.

Generic Stendra Avanafil Online


So why are the tablets called “Stendra” if they are really Avanafil? This is a common practice in the pharmaceutical industry and allows companies to own a distinctive brand, even after their intellectual property rights to the active ingredient fall away.


Mechanism of Action


Stendra is a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor. Thus, it works in the same way as other drugs within the PDE5 inhibitor family – with a few little differences we’ll examine in greater detail shortly. All PDE5 inhibitors limit the action of phosphodiesterase type 5, an enzyme that could be the reason for putting an end to a satisfactory sex life. Here’s how it works.


During arousal, nitric oxide is released. This, in turn, stimulates the release of cyclic guanosine, which allows the normally constricted blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum to relax allowing blood flow into the penis and resulting in an erection. But cyclic guanosine has an enemy in the form of the PDE5 enzyme which breaks it down. By inhibiting PDE5, the natural mechanism behind an erection is able to function as it should.



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Tips for Taking


Man Takes Stendra PillAs we have seen, the action of Stendra or Avanafil is the same as that of other ED drugs. The big difference lies in the way in which it is used. Viagra, though an incredible medical advance had a few disadvantages, primarily that its action was delayed when taken with food. And that action, at the best of times, only kicked in at least 30 minutes after taking the tablet, sometimes taking as long as a full hour.


Stendra is made to work faster. Some men say it works within 15 minutes, while those who are slower to respond found 30 minutes to be sufficient. It can also be taken with food without a discernible effect on how long it takes to work. Since many a romantic evening kicks off with a big dinner, this is seen as a significant advantage.




The makers of Stendra recommend that men begin using 100mg of Avanafil about 30 minutes before they expect to have sex. If all goes as well as it should, they can try reducing the dose to 50mg to see if they get the same effect. If there were no adverse effects but also no really beneficial ones using the 100mg dose, men can increase their Avanafil intake to the maximum of 200mg.


The tablets can only be taken once a day – do not double-dose! Remember, with pharmaceuticals, more is not better – in fact, it can be a whole lot worse! Also, there is no real point in increasing your dose to the maximum if you get satisfactory results at the regular one. The higher the doses you take of any medication, the more likely you are to experience side effects.



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Side Effects and Precautions


Stendra Side Effect HeadacheIdeally, Stendra should be used by men who are in good overall health. Diabetes is not an obstacle, but a minority of men with diabetes find that PDE5 inhibitors do not work for them.


However, if you have heart, blood pressure, liver or kidney issues or are using other medications to treat a condition, you should discuss Stendra with your doctor before use. If you are from a family with a history of heart disease, a thorough heart health check-up would be in order.


Because the drug has been tested for safety and approved by medical authorities around the world, you can know that few men experience dangerous side effects. However, a small percentage will.


Minor Side Effects (Not of Concern)


Side Effect 50mg Dose 100mg Dose 200mg Dose
Headache 5.1% 6.9% 10.5%
Flushed skin 3.2% 4.3% 4%
Blocked nose 1.8% 2.9% 2%
Sore throat 0.9% 2.6% 3.4%
Back ache 3.2% 2% 1.1%


As you would expect, the commoner side effects are relatively minor, and there are a few rarer ones such as increased appetite and itchiness.


Although they are very rare (fewer than 1% or less), a few dangerous side effects have been observed.


See a doctor if you experience:


  • changes in vision;
  • hearing problems;
  • chest pain, irregular heartbeat or other heart attack symptoms;
  • swelling or pain in extremities possibly accompanied by difficulty breathing;
  • lightheadedness or fainting;
  • painful erection that won’t go away (please treat this as an emergency).


Note: This is not a full list of side effects. These can be found printed on the leaflet enclosed with your medication. However, we have endeavored to cover the common ones as well as the much rarer, dangerous side effects.


Stendra Interactions


You should not use Stendra with any health supplements, since these can interact with Stendra too, and if your doctor prescribes a new medication, you should warn him that you are using PDE5 inhibitors. If you are using any chronic medication or suffer from a preexisting condition, consult your doctor about using Stendra.


Many medications interact with Stendra, but few are as dangerous as the combination of Stendra and nitrate drugs usually used to treat heart disorders. Riociguat will also be dangerous if combined with Stendra.


When using Stendra, you should avoid grapefruit, and although one or two drinks should not create any problem, you should limit your alcohol intake since it increases the odds of experiencing side effects.



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No drug is equally effective for all people, but Stendra works in a significant percentage of cases. The overwhelming amount of feedback is positive.


Wow! What can I say? After all, gentlemen don’t tell… I noticed a slight headache afterward, but if the Stendra caused it, it wasn’t enough to put me off! Edgar


I made the change to Stendra from Viagra and was very pleased with the results. Dominic


First-time ED drug user here. I was nervous at first, but I needn’t have been. Definitely put lead in the pencil, and no side effects that I noticed. Pat


Buy Stendra for Erectile Dysfunction


Relationships With StendraIt’s no secret that pharmaceuticals are usually more expensive than they need to be, even taking into account the need to make a profit. Per pill, prices can be staggeringly high, but all the same, men are willing to pay the price for an ED drug. Men who buy Stendra for erectile dysfunction from a regular pharmacy are certainly happy with how it works, but they are less happy about the cost.


Men will often approach online pharmacies after hearing that generic drug manufacturers in countries like India are making high-quality copies for less. Should you consider this option?


Is It Safe to Order Stendra at Online Pharmacy?


Is it safe to buy Stendra online? That depends on a few factors that it would be foolish to ignore. Firstly, since you will get your medication “over the counter” without a prescription, you should ensure that your health is good enough to use Stendra. Ideally, you should consult a doctor just to be sure that Stendra is likely to be safe for you.


Not needing a prescription means avoiding long lines at your local pharmacy and staying away from potentially embarrassing conversations with your doctor. Just place your order and your own supply of generic Stendra Avanafil tablets will be mailed to your door in days. Our generic Stendra Avanafil online pharmacy is committed to offering generic Stendra Avanafil with as little hassle as possible, by creating one of the most simple online checkout systems on the web today. Within minutes, you will be able to pick the product of your choice and wait for your order to be mailed in a matter of days. By choosing the option to order in bulk, you can benefit from the knowledge that you will always have your own personal supply close at hand while reaping the additional savings.


Next, regardless of how cheap the price is or what discount coupon you can cash, you should investigate whether the tablets were produced by a reputable manufacturer. There is also a possibility of “fake” drugs being supplied, so find out whether the online pharmacy is willing to provide free Cialis samples. If you can test the drug before making a purchase, you can be relatively sure you’re getting the “real thing.” After all, if you don’t get results, you won’t be back.


Making sure you are always prepared to face the threats of erectile dysfunction is important, and so investing in the only medication that can keep you going strong is the best way to go. With the savings that come with these revolutionary medications, choosing between your wallet and your well-being will never be a problem again. Visit generic Stendra Avanafil online pharmacy to begin your journey today, and enjoy the many benefits of a brand new drug with amazing potential. Buy cheap Stendra (generic Avanafil) online at $3.49 only! We offer the best and lowest Stendra price in the world. Purchase generic Stendra (Avanafil 100 mg tablets) now.


No matter where you order or buy Stendra, always remember to check the expiration date. Companies offering expired drugs for sale are not to be trusted. Lastly, check reviews on third-party websites and forums, ensure that sales representatives respond to your inquiries, and find out how your order will be tracked.


Generic Stendra Avanafil Online

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