Avanafil Uses, Dosages, Side Effects and Reviews

Avanafil is the medication established by the American firm Vivus Inc. to treat erectile dysfunction. It was accepted by the United States Food and Drugs Administration in 2012 and also by European Medicines Company in 2013 as well as turned into one of one of the most preferred remedies for ED.

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Such success was assured by its benefits and also fast positive impacts, which we are mosting likely to review in this post.

What Is Avanafil?

Avanafil belongs to the medicinal class of PDE5 preventions, which makes it comparable at work to such medicines as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil. It is the white powder that has minor solubility in ethanol and hydrochloric acid as well as is insoluble in water.

This medicament aids those guys who can not accomplish a company and also lengthy erection to complete sexual relations. In a few words, the concept of action is as follows: the prevention unwinds the smooth muscular tissues of the sponge-like body of the penis and also supplies blood flow there, which leads to an erection.

We have to discuss that the phosphodiesterase kind 5 enzyme can be located in numerous body tissues, for instance in the retina as well as lung arteries. Thus, avanafil can affect a few other processes in a human’s body. This is why it is better to speak with a doctor before using it.

Avanafil Brands

The Vivus firm generates 2 hallmarks of the very same formula. Stendra is the trade name for avanafil medication authorized in the U.S.A., and Spedra is marketed in 40 European nations, including Australia and also New Zealand together with Menarini Team with the EMA accreditation. Our online pharmacy provides Stendra 100mg and also its generic tablets named Avanafil, produced by our producer in India. They are fully certified and accepted for usage and have the most effective price on the market amongst cognate products.

Types and Dosages

Avanafil is taken orally, and all brands represent this drug in tablet type with different dosages. Stendra can consist of 50, 100, or 200 mg of the medical representative, and also our tablets have 100mg of the energetic component.

Who Should Take Avanafil?

There are symptoms of ED that end up being a severe signal to care for the sexual wellness of a male. They can come completely, or one at a time, however in both instances, it is much better to take steps in order to deal with the trouble immediately. It is needed to seek advice from a medical professional firstly, yet if you discover normal indications of amorous problems, ED drugs can help rapidly as well as properly. Such indications can include:

  • troubles with getting an erection when coitus starts in addition to sufficient libido and also stimulation;
  • weak erection during the sexual intercourse;
  • disinclination and difficulties with ending up the act.

The usage of any kind of PDE5 preventions need to be done very carefully, as well as there are particular preventative measures needed to comply with. In order to make the therapy risk-free as well as stay clear of larger health and wellness problems, men with the complying with health conditions ought to take avanafil only after obtaining specialist medical guidance:

  • high or low high blood pressure;
  • chest discomfort;
  • current heart operative therapy;
  • different heart conditions, like arrhythmia or heart failure;
  • current strokes and cardiac arrest;
  • conditions of kidneys, belly, liver;
  • Peyronie illness, or too much physical contortion of the phallus;
  • cancer cells, leukemia, hemophilia;
  • difficulties with vision and also hearing;
  • HIV/AIDS or liver disease C.

Avanafil is not enabled ladies as well as men more youthful than 18 years of age.

Just How to Make Use Of Avanafil Pills?

The dosage for each guy is personal as well as ought to be identified according to particular aspects:

  • wellness problem;
  • age;
  • resistance to medicinal items;
  • severeness of the treated condition.
    The usual starting dosage for an adult man is 100mg, and also it is advised to take it not less than 15 minutes before the designated coitus. If the desired impact does not happen, the dose can be enhanced to 200mg 15 min before sex. Occasionally the initial dose appears to be repetitive, and it can be lowered to 50mg that must be taken thirty minutes before beginning intercourse.

The drug reaches its maximum concentration 30-45 mins after management, as well as its impact lasts for 6 hours. The time of the half-life plasma removal of items based upon avanafil differs from 3 to 10 hrs. A man can use this medicine only once daily. There is no requirement to take the medicine frequently, as it must only be made use of before sex, and bear in mind that if you intake the pill too soon or too long before the coition, the result will disappoint the expected impact.

Adverse effects

Prior to taking avanafil to ensure that you are not allergic to any one of its parts. Pay attention to the reaction of your body to the initial management, and also take care with the dosage. Avanafil may have a checklist of undesirable impacts, as well as if a few of them are observed it is highly recommended to require clinical assistance.

A lot more Usual

Inform your doctor if you go through long time headache, back or chest discomfort, flushing or running nose, or sore throat. Such negative effects can be moderate as well as cease quickly, however if you experience some of them constantly and regularly, look for quick clinical aid.

Less common undesirable signs after use of the ED solutions can be:

  • coughing, sneezing, sweating;
  • indigestion, looseness of the bowels, cravings disorders;
  • fevers as well as chills;
  • body and joint pains;
  • stress and anxiety, clinical depression, and troubles with sleeping;
  • itching, breakout, shuddering, and also others.

This checklist is not complete, so you need to focus on any kind of unusual conditions after taking avanafil, and see if it goes away soon.


There are some signs that require prompt medical aid. The list below ones can be signs of severe health problems, as an example, heart attack, stroke, kidney or liver failing, vision loss, and other significant problems:

  • pain as well as tightness in chest, breath lack;
  • abnormal heart beat;
  • wooziness;
  • nausea, throwing up;
  • too much weakness and also tiredness;
  • speech troubles, weakness in one side of the body;
  • swelling and discomfort in face and arm or legs;
  • discomfort in the bladder, uncomfortable urination, any kind of changes in the shade of urine;
  • regular urination;
  • pain in genitals, priapism;
  • difficulties in vision as well as hearing.

If you really feel any one of these, call for emergency situation medical aid at once.


When a harmful web content of the medicine is introduced right into the body you can feel heat in your face, flushing, pain in the back, nasal stodginess, and also the acute rhinitis. If you took Avanafil more than your normal dose or quicker than 24 hours after the last management and also really feel unsafe signs and symptoms, call the local emergency clinic.


Avanafil can connect with food, beverages, and also medicines are taken along with the ED drug. This interaction can transform the active substance or avoid it from functioning correctly, which can create unwanted outcomes. To prevent this, ask your pharmacologist to direct you on exactly how to make use of ED medications with other drugs.

Can I Take Avanafil with Food?

Avanafil can be taken with or without food, as usual, it does not interfere with the operation of the medicine. Nonetheless, some items can cause modifications in the medication’s action. Food high in fat web content can reduce the process, reducing the absorption of the medical representative. Grapefruits and grapefruit juice increase the concentration of the preventions in the blood, which can create an overdose. It is better to avoid taking avanafil with them.

Avanafil as well as Alcohol Intake

Drinks consisting of alcohol taken along with avanafil can lead to low blood pressure. You can feel faintness, a thrill of blood to the head, and also various other signs and symptoms of hypotension. Attempt to restrict using spirits to three shots optimum, as well as the adverse effects will be squashed.

Interaction with Other Medicines

As avanafil runs similarly with all PDE5 inhibitors, it has comparable safety measures about using it together with other medications.

Request for clinical suggestions if you take avanafil with:

  • analogous ED drugs;
  • antimycotics;
  • anti-biotics macrolides;
  • HIV treatment;
  • solutions for liver disease С;
  • blood pressure controllers, alpha blockers and also prostate illness medicines;
  • drugs which contain nitrates;
  • barbiturates;
  • antituberculous solutions;
  • medications that aid with seizure, throwing up, and queasiness.

Organic nitrates together with ED therapy can cause dangerous hypotension, which can trigger such serious consequences as a cardiac arrest or stroke. Some medications, like anti-biotics, antifungals, and HIV/AIDS medicines can boost the concentration of avanafil in your body to a hazardous degree. On the contrary, seizure and antituberculous solutions and barbiturates lower the level of the active component of ED pills, which leads to its inefficacious job.

Avanafil Alternatives

There are many competing items on the ED medicine market, all with their own benefits and also drawbacks. Amongst one of the most prominent are Viagra and also its generics sildenafil, Cialis, Kamagra, as well as Levitra. They operate in the same way and also are analogous medicines for males’s health. Tadapox differs as it has two active representatives, tadalafil as well as Dapoxetine, and also remedies erectile dysfunction together with premature ejaculation.

Avanafil Vs Viagra (Sildenafil).

To contrast avanafil vs sildenafil we will consider such variables as:.

  • just how promptly they supply action;.
  • for how long does it last;.
  • performance;.
  • and negative effects.

Avanafil functions much faster than Viagra, as it starts activity only 15-30 mins after consumption without any dependancy on food, while sildenafil requires one hr if taken with meals. Both medicines remain efficient for about 6 hours and also have the same adverse effects. In trial looks into, sildenafil showed effective therapy for 80% of men, while avanafil gave just 60% positive outcomes. Though, these numbers can not be considered the last rating, due to the fact that there was no in person screening.

Avanafil Versus Cialis (Tadalafil).

Both tadalafil and also avanafil must be taken 15 minutes prior to the sexual act, however Cialis works for a day as well as a half, while the effect of avanafil lasts just for 6 hours. They are not dependent on food; however, tadalafil is compatible with fat meals and spirits. As a result of the much shorter activity time, avanafil seems to be much less effective vs Cialis, however at the same time, the much shorter time enables less dangers of side effects. In conclusion, we need to state that it is difficult to establish the best pills for every certain guy. At the moment, avanafil is one of the latest and also most effective drugs for erectile dysfunction on the market, that makes it the best vendor among competitors.

Customers’ Testimonials.

Appreciating the significant popularity amongst our clients, avanafil collects lots of favorable reviews. Male share their tales concerning exactly how this solution helped them to get over problems in their intimate lives, construct self-confidence, as well as remove depression as well as self-distrust. Reading those comments and responses, everyone can make certain that our ED medication is capable to assist even with the best sex-related issues.

Where to Buy Avanafil for Cheap Price?

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