Austrian Electronic Fair For Sex Doll


Hi, technologies are everywhere. Knowledge is easy and all in a mobile device, people from all over the world are as close as a mouse click, modern computer games create a virtual reality, brighter and more exciting than the world around us. Sex industry does not want to be behind the hectic time. Sex dolls make men lose their minds, competing with real women head-to-head.

We do not understand if this story belongs to the category “fun stories”, or it is the discernible indicator that people shed all mankind they had previously, however you can judge on your own.

The sex doll, represented at the Ars Electronica Festival in Austria, the city of Linz, which was held this year on September 7-11, was damaged and soiled by several visitors of the affair. The Celebration is yearly, it happens because 1979. This year it was dedicated to artificial intelligence, as well as among the exhibitions was Samantha, the injured doll.

Are guys crazy, you may ask, that they play with dolls like babies? Not, you just see what Samantha can do:

  • she recognizes different languages and can answer inquiries, keep straightforward discussion;
  • she responds to touches, kisses and also hugs, moans and also obviously “delights in” a business;
  • Samantha bears in mind all visitors and their choices;
  • she can gain from her experience many thanks to expert system.

Impressive, isn’t it ?! It is, and also numerous Austrians as well as visitors in this nation have a journey with the sex doll in their to-do list during holidays as well as holidays.

Austrian Adventures

Austria has a lawful and regulated market of sex-related solutions, as well as it was simply exploded this summer when the very first human-like doll Fanny was acquired by the whorehouse and supplied alongside genuine, to life sex employees. No person expected it, yet a number of months later the owner of that cathouse had to buy one more doll from Japan, despite its expensive cost, over 10 000 dollars per product. Fanny came to be the favorite destination and also amusement for the site visitors, and soon lots of various other brothels had her at their price-list. It was a minute when the market of living women woman of the streets dropped, gradually however gradually replaced by synthetic dolls for a night.

Samantha is the brand-new, next generation sex robot, as well as it is produced in China and also expenses much less than 5000 dollars. Unlike her predecessor, she has European appearances and advanced software application, consisting of supposed expert system. It came to be even more preferred, that makes us suspect that real, “flesh as well as blood” prostitutes might end up being unemployed quickly, as all 15 dolls sold for the minute are scheduled for months to come. Why is it taking place? Psychologists claim that it is the effect of the too much tenseness of contemporary life. Too much information, as well open globe, as well shut communication, people choose the business of somebody they can close down any type of minute. Some medical professionals call it a type of huge autism.

What Occurred to Samantha?

So, why did the sex doll break at the prestigious festival, attended by people interested in expert system? A human-like interactive sex robot was one of the most visited product at the exhibit. The male site visitors of the event were, obviously, astonished by the beauties as well as beauty of Samantha, as they can not keep their hands off the doll. The developer, Sergi Santos, in an interview with Daily Star said that all Samantha’s adorers imitated “barbarians”. They all intended to feel her breasts, touch her legs, and also finally stained her from pointer to toe as well as broke 2 fingers.

Sergi stated that individuals simply do not understand how it works and also what an innovative product it is. It was complimentary for the site visitors and also they provided their hands license. Instead of usual appreciation and respect, the bad doll was treated like the brand-new plaything of a little child– it was messed, demolished, and deserted. The producers needed to cover it as well as send back to Barcelona to repair it. We wish that Samantha will be fine-tuned and fixed quickly, marketed to a good red-lamp residence, and will certainly be treated appropriately.

Modern scientific research and also technologies develop with excessive rate. Such tales emerge occasionally, and we try to watch on the most recent as well as most fascinating information. Here, in the blog of our website ViaBestBuy, you can locate funny and interesting write-ups regarding the most recent events and also ingenious items in the area of sexual health or amorous enjoyments.

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